The CSB Family

Jenny Brown

Jenny’s love of the oceans tarted at a very young age and there was never any doubt she’d live a life near the sea. ...

Shaun Ducker

Shaun has been surfing Washout since he was a from and the hours, days, months, years of ripping that wave to pieces...

Jasper Millis

Jasper started surfing in Folly Beach, SC when he was a mini-grom at the age of 4. He was born in Alaska and moved t...

Mike Leech — Photographer

Carolina Surf Brand is always looking to support young talent — on the board and off. We're super excited to partner ...

Colby Crombie

Colby was raised on the west coast in California but has been resting in Carolina Beach for a good while now. He's a...

Thomas Cannon

A transplant from Wilmington, NC to Charleston, SC, Thomas represent both of the Carolinas along the east coast in p...

Tim Brinson

I grew up in Orange County, California. I currently live in Carolina Beach, NC, and I feel fortunate to be where I a...
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