Jenny Brown

Jenny’s love of the oceans tarted at a very young age and there was never any doubt she’d live a life near the sea. Living on a sailboat for 7 years taught her how little one needs to be fulfilled. She loves surfing, fishing, snorkeling — all things salt water. She lives with her husband, Chris, a great fisherman, and two daughters, Grace and Georgia, who also surf. They all enjoy traveling and Jenny says Chris is a constant inspiration for her in supporting and encouraging her to do her best and pursue her passions. Sounds like these two sea creatures are soul mates to us. 

Jenny also teaches and practices yogo for 20 years and says it blends all with surfing in creating a conation to the ocean and body, physically, mentally and spiritually. She also founded Shaka Surf School and says “just being around a group of kids is refreshing.” It allows her to experience the ocean through their eyes and they are always stoked. Giving inspiration and guiding ladies to be courageous is another life purpose for Jenny. She says she’s grateful and honored to live this life and follow her heart… which has told her to stay close to the sea. 
Check out her surf camp:
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