Talan is from CB NC. He's a little humble 10 year old on land but he's got a big ol' presence in the line-up so clea...
Grom / NC / Surfer

Bear Von Horn

Bear is a ripe 16 years old. Shockingly, he was born and raised in Minnesota until the age of 10 when his family fig...
Grom / NC / Surfer

Bree Labiak

Bree loves to surf and skateboard. She is a fierce competitor and has earned number one in the Mid Atlantic ESA Surf...
Grom / SC / Surfer

Kylee Heath

Kylee Heath has been surfing for 2 years and is an avid gymnast where she competes in Georgia, West Virginia and Flo...
Grom / NC / Surfer

Mack Landry

Mack lives, eats and breathes surfing. His stoke is contagious and he's always at the beach getting busy in the Atla...
Grom / NC / Surfer
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