Siraya Windsor

Siraya Windsor Surfer

Siraya Windsor Ambassador / South Carolina Siraya has spent countless weekends growing and exploring on the Isle of palms and Folly Beach. From the time she could walk she expressed her love for earth and sea. She aspires to become a marine biologist. She loves getting up close and personal to underwater life. In September of 2012 Siraya eamed several offers to play Collegiate Volleyball. After much consideration her longing to stay close to the coast won and she accepted an offer at charleston southern university to earn her undergrad in biology with the intent of later obtaining a graduate degree from a costal university rich in marine life resources. When Siraya is not studying or playing Big South Conference volleyball she is climbing waterfalls in Hawaii, swimming with sharks of the coast of Jupiter, hitch hiking to maneuver through south Califomia, deep sea spear fishing in the Bahamas, cliff jumping locally, and engaging in anything that involves a board. She is currently falling in love with learning the art of surfing. You may spot Siraya playing sand volleyball, surfing the wash out early momings, playing guitar under the pier or hanging out at Oceans with some of the founding fathers of Carolina Surf Brand. Siraya is currently planning her next adventure with the gang.

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