Teahupoo Knit Hat

Product image 1Teahupoo Knit Hat
Product image 2Teahupoo Knit Hat
Product image 3Teahupoo Knit Hat

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Named after the heaviest fattest barrel on the globe, this is undeniably the warmest beanie of the collection. For the hardcore cold wimps (like us), this is a must-have for the Carolina winters. One size fits most.

Fun Fact (if you care): The correct spelling is "Teahupo'o," and it should be pronounced correctly as "tear-hoo-poh-oh." If you can't say it, avoid the common alternatives "cho-poo" or "chopes" - the Polynesians don't have the "ch" sound. Teahupoo is also known in the surfing world as "The End of the Road." Confused? Us too. 

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